Friday, January 17, 2014

Three of a kind

Beanies are not any good if you have long straight hair, unless you're wearing also wearing a hood. It's hard news, I know. 

If you have glasses and long hair, a baseball cap is your best bet. Not only will it shield your lenses from sleet, but a wool baseball cap will not slip and slide off of your luscious locks! You can tighten it so that your hair stays firmly affixed over your ears, providing your upper extremities with the same protection as a synthetic-fiber beanie, the all-natural way! 

Modified GAP men's wool baseball cap; Madewell maroon baseball cap; Ebbets Field San Francisco Seals cap

Thursday, January 16, 2014

extra padding

Protect your stuff before you wreck your stuff. 

My roommate and I were walking around our neighborhood on laundry day some time ago when we walked into the PolerxVervexRudy'sBarberShop Pop-up location on Grand St. "What is this haven of cool looking camping gear? Why is this tea latte so good? Why does it smell like pine trees in here? Williamsburg, I finally get you," I said to myself (other events of that day include an Orlando Bloom sighting and  having my photo taken for Japanese Asics street style blog while in my PJs). 

Camera Bag. I beelined for it as soon as I came out of my dairy-induced stupor. I applied some of my newfound self-control and managed to walk away. So yesterday when I began longing for that latte once again, I was disheartened to find that the Verve coffee bar closed much earlier than made public on their website. The feeling of emptyhandedness drove me back towards the camera bag and this time I could not back away.

I really love my gadgets, so of course I need to get the best and cutest way to protect my gear. That Herschel iPad case carries not only my iPad, but also all of the iPad related accessories and my Kindle (I told you that I loved gadgets). 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

MIAMI 2013

Nessa and I went to Art Basel in December. I thought the weather app on my phone was broken when I arrived because it was the same exact *perfect* forecast for an entire week. We were rather busy enjoying the sun on our face that we did not take many pictures. But of the photos that we did take, I thought I'd share four. 

From NADA. If you followed any of the Miami art hype you probably saw this in some form or another. 

Sam Edelman boots made for walking. Nessa and I rested on an artificial grassy knoll in the middle of the Art Basel convention center. To our right was a posse of boys playing Magic: The Gathering. 

At Untitled. So many prints. Everywhere. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Heatech Jeans by Uniqlo; bandana print flannel also by Uniqlo; Quilted Tack Jacket by J.Crew; tiny purse from Coach; Doc Marten Shoes 

Since the domain name was renewed for 2014 I might as well post. Oh, but wait, I have to go outside and enjoy what's left of this day. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We're all just animals

As part of coming to grips with graduation, I've been putting a little more thought into the way I present myself (animal faces, clearly). When we started this blog, fashion was a frivolous hobby. Teenagers aren't spending their own money and the best first impressions that they're trying to make are for their friend-crushes. The most courting I see among women my age is towards potential future employers. This ramble is really just me justifying not posting anything really for the past two years.

To be honest, I pretty much fell hard off the fashion wagon and wore my neon crocs all the time first semester senior year. And I am ok with that. Don't knock it until you've tried it (though Nessa might tell you otherwise and could I possibly use any more parenthesis???). But now I have shifted gears and feeling very much like I am on the cusp of adulthood. I'm wearing my grown-lady shoes and lipstick on most days, and I only wear my crocs to my beginning swimming class. Basically, priorities come and go.

My phone is running out of battery and the girl sitting next to me totally took a heinous snapchat photo of herself. Also, I made a personal website/digital portfolio. Check it out at

Also pt. II, this is our really cute friend Charbarbar:

Monday, February 18, 2013


I think we weren't posting on this blog so much because we've been arting. This is us at Martha Rosler's Meta-Monumental Garage Sale at the MoMA. We thought it'd be fun to up the meta by taking photos of ourselves being broadcasted on the surveillance monitors. Then I tried to bargain with Rosler herself, and lost.